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Weekend Off From Hunting

Monday, October 18th, 2010

I recently took the weekend off from hunting to enjoy a few of my other hobbies. A great friend of mine invited me and my son to the LSU versus Florida game in Gainesville, FL. I am a Mississippi State Bulldog alumnus so I bleed maroon and white BUT I love watching any SEC football game therefore, I quickly accepted his offer.

Then he threw in an additional winkle. He informed me that he wanted to rent a Cessna 172 and fly down there and back the day/night of the game. It is only 30 minutes by air, but he wanted the flying time. Flying is a former passion I used to love to do. I gave it up about 15 years ago and I choose not to pick it back up today due to the cost. I do not want it to take away from my obsessive hunting hobby I have now developed for whitetail deer and wild turkeys.


I filmed some of the flying and I have it for your viewing below. This is a good representation of what it is like to fly in a private airplane. It was a great game. The winner was decided in the final seconds of the game. My son had a great time and I had a fun time fellowshipping with my friend and son. Good times. Now back to hunting.