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End of Season Work

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Now it is the end of deer season and 2 activities begin. These activities are year end trail camera survey and predator management. I am starting a new video series in the next few weeks that will discuss each of these in detail. So stay tuned for this series.

For the first activity, we conduct a survey to see what bucks made it through the season and the rut. We have 26 cameras with corn on them as attractant. Some preliminary photos are shown below:


For the second activity, we conduct predator management to get rid of coyotes, foxes, bobcats, possum, and raccoons. I particularly zero in on raccoons due to how they will destroy turkey nests. They also destroy our feeders and waste our corn out of these feeders. Some other club members like to focus on foxes and bobcats.


Stay tuned in for my new series called Reality Hunt Club that will go into detail about each of these activities.

Turkey Thumpers – Webisode 0: Introduction

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Welcome to Turkey Thumpers! This show series consists of videos of our turkey hunts all over the country and throughout the years. We have 11 webisodes from our 2010 season that we are going to feature here first. Then we plan to bring our 2011 hunts online as soon as we can video and produce them. We have our shows on where you can watch our high definition YouTube videos or you can subscribe to our iTunes PodCast link by clicking the iTunes icon to watch our videos on your mobile devices. We plan to bring one new webisode a week until we are out of shows for the 2011 season.

Go to to see all Turkey Thumpers Webisodes.

Update: Big MS Urban Buck

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Well, one thing about this buck was that he was not shy about moving around during the day. Apparently one of his admirers got permission to hunt one of those wood blocks in Madison and he arrowed this big MS urban buck. Heath sent me these phone pictures of this lucky hunter. Congratulations to this hunter.

Big MS Urban Buck

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

With the last few decades of urban sprawl, we have all heard of big bucks that have become encapsulated in the wood lots left over from growing communities. There are even shows on the hunting channels geared toward hunting in these urban areas. A high school buddy of mine sent me these pictures of this big buck that he and his brother have been seeing as they drive through Madison, MS.


Here is his story:

You are familiar with Madison-Ridgeland area. It has been growing extremely fast over the past 10 to 15 years and what used to be farmland is now either residential neighborhoods or commercial property. Madison county has always had some of the best hunting in Central MS, and still does in areas. Problem is, as I’m sure you know, deer populations don’t really move that much. Deer born in a certain area will live and die in that area. The Madison deer have been forced into smaller and smaller woodland areas as the City has grown. Today there are small pockets of land all over the city that are holding large populations of deer. This is one of those deer.

I work at an industry park here in Ridgeland. Here’s a satellite shot, courtesy of Google Maps. You’ll notice just north of my office, a couple of small patches of commercial land for sale on the east side of HCP that today are covered in pines. These small parcels of land are where these pictures were taken. This trophy buck, as you can see in the picture, was seen feeding alongside the Highland Colony Parkway Baptist Church. They are the last building on the right when driving north on HCP from my office.

All over Madison deer populations are thriving because the city has incorporated almost all the land they live on making it illegal to gun hunt. Bow hunting with landowner permission is allowed if you are fortunate enough to get it. My brother lives in one such area and everyone in his neighborhood complain about the deer that come into their yards at night and completely wipe out their manicured flower beds. They are viewed as complete nuisance animals. It won’t be long before something will have to be done. They are already being hit in great number all along Hwy 463 where the aristocrats of Madison have chosen to build their million dollar homes. This area has a huge population of deer. It is where Reunion Golf course was built and there is no hunting allowed in the area. With no real predators and no hunting pressure, the Residential Deer are growing.

I would like to thank Heath McCoy for sharing this story with me so that I can share it on this blog. I scored his deer using the BuckScore software and I measured him at 153″ gross B/C. The photo is a little blurry and I had to zoom in to score it, so it is possible that he could be bigger. Click here to view the PDF of the scoring breakdown.

So the next time you are driving by the wood lot in your neighborhood, look around and maybe you will see a big buck or big gobbler that you had never noticed before.

2010 – 2011 Deer Season Recap

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Well, the 2010-2011 deer season just came to an end. I started hunting September 11th and went through January 15th, which occurred in Georgia and Mississippi.

I was successful in filling both my buck tags in Georgia with mature 4 1/2 year old deer.


I was also with my Dad when he killed his Georgia buck.

Then I hunted with my Dad in Mississippi. Unfortunately, we could not find a mature buck to shoot but the property we are hunting just started a management plan and we were happy to help out with doe management. My Dad and I killed 8 does for the program.

This was my first year to video my hunts. I learned quickly how much of a commitment it was to do this. First, you have to carry all the equipment plus your regular gear. Then, it takes time to set it up and then tear it down at the end of the hunt. I only got 2 kill shots on video. One was my Big 7 pointer and the other a doe. I learned how hard it is to video and shoot at the same time plus the deer always seemed to come out right when camera light was fading. Even with all this, I really enjoyed it and I plan on taking the camera into the woods next year.

I compiled a best of video below of my 2010 – 2011 season.

New POV Camera – ContourHD

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

I previously reviewed the Moultrie ReAction (you can read it here) and in my conclusion, I liked it and recommended fellow hunters to get one and take it to the woods when hunting. There is nothing better than capturing and then later sharing your hunt with others.

I wanted more resolution than the ReAction offers (720p) so I bought a ContourHD. It is a small point of view (POV) camera weighing 4 ounces and has a track mounting system that shoots video in 1080p HD. The videos are unbelievable. It has a 135 degree lens angle that shoots video up close. It has a microphone, but it is not the best and most powerful recording device.

I have 3 ways I like to mount my ContourHD and they are:

1. Goggle Mount – I used this mount as my POV to film what I see as the action is taking place. Sometimes I wear the goggles and other times I strap the goggles to the top of my hat.

2. Tripod Mount – I bought an adapter to where the ContourHD can mount on any standard tripod.

3. Gorilla Tripod – The camera mounts to the Gorilla like a stand tripod but the Gorilla has flexible arms that you can wrap around items and skew in different angles to get the shot you want.


Now, I have included a video of various clips to show off the ContourHD capability. I am very excited about the different ways I can use this POV during the upcoming turkey season. I am also looking forward to seeing all the different ways to use this camera to provide videos for this blog.

Misc. MS Deer Video – Theme: Dark

Monday, January 10th, 2011

The video below consists of video shot while hunting over Christmas break in Mississippi. One thing you will notice is the deer do not enter the food plots till dark and that makes filming very hard. Maybe next year we will have better luck and better video.

DeerCon – Dual Purpose Electronic Scent Dispenser – Product Review

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Rett Moore of Hot On The Trail, LLC located in Valdosta, Georgia sent me some of their DeerCON scent dispensers ( to try out in the field. A few years ago, I tried to convert one of those home scent fans (I think made by Oust) for hunting use. Well, needless to say, I was not successful. Those things are truly made for use inside your house and I could never get the fragrance smell it came with out of the containers. When I received the DeerCon fan, I was already familiar with the concept.

The concept is to pour some deer lure on a pad and have the battery operated scent fan blow it out in the woods. You place the fans out in your hunting area before you hunt and turn it on. I tried them in the field and you can see me set them up in the video below.

The scent fan worked as advertised. I deployed them in my downwind path so deer would smell it instead of my odor. You can see a fawn come right up to it. That same hunt you can see a buck come downwind of my location and smell the scent and not me.

The only improvements I would suggest is to paint them orange, because they are hard to find in the dark, and install a toggle power switch. The push button kept getting pushed while unattended in my hunting bag. I would then notice the motor or sometimes the smell and realize it was inadvertently turned on.

In conclusion, I will definitely use them next season and if you use deer scent I would highly recommend buying a couple for your hunting ventures. You can buy them at

More Doe Management in Mississippi

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Our hunting over the Christmas break came to an end December 30th. We saw some bucks that were legal to shoot but we decided not to shoot them because of the management plan being implemented on the property we were hunting. Plus, we have higher expectations on what type of bucks we want to shoot.

My Dad and I killed some more management does for the new plan. Once again, I learned how hard it is to film yourself while shooting a deer. You can witness this in the video below of a doe I shot. It was so thick in this hardwood bottom that I actually hit a few tree limbs in my first shot and she made the mistake of coming back across and giving me a second shot. I also included me with my Dad cleaning his doe. A buddy of ours gave us a hunting knife and we were happy to try it out. Once again, it was too dark to get any video of my Dad’s doe and all we have is us processing her.

I am excited about next year on this piece of property in Mississippi. I know of 5 good bucks that are going to make it and they will be a lot bigger next year.